From the recording YOU SEE OLD! I SEE HISTORY!!

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Song about relationship betrayal and what it feels like when it goes all wrong. I think Will had a personal experience like this, so why not write a song.

This is a simple song to play only it has 2 chords.


That’s Why It’s Called PAIN - Lyric’s By William Lake, Music By Bill Crouch Verse 1

On the night I left, With a hole in my chest, Where my heart used to be
I found out fast that the feelin I had, Was as close as hell could be
With the burning pain and the hurtful shame Of the fool you made of Me
Now your finding out that the feelin you have, is the same you gave to me

Well He lied to you, Like you lied to me, As he promised you the world
As you touched my lips with your Judas Kiss, While you played me for a fool
Well there ain’t no bottle, An there ain’t no pills, An there ain’t no needle that’ll ever Kill
The ache you feel inside…….
That’s why it’s called PAIN ……
That’s why its’ called PAIN …………

Verse 2
Well he won you over with his fancy cars, That He didn’t even own
And he promised you, the life of the stars, An a millionaires home
An he fed you lies Which you fed to me , In a stupid game of fools
Now your tears fall down like the pouring rain - While your sitting there alone

Verse 3
Now your sitting there, in my favorite chair - Wondering what went wrong
You look at the cost and what you lost - As your games gone wrong
You remember the touch of his Judas Kiss - As he smiled and lead you on.
Now You’ll find out fast that the feeling you have -Is a close as hell can be.

Last line of chorus 3 times “That’s why its called Pain” END