WB and The Geezers are the ultimate party band. Live on stage they create an atmosphere that can transport an audience from their mundane weekly grind to a getaway paradise. Fun music from a group of seasoned musicians whose only purpose in life is to give you the time of your life. Plus, their music is available on CD so you can take that fun, vacation style feeling home with you to enjoy anytime, anywhere. I love these guys. Don't miss the chance to see them live.” - DJ Mike Stewart

— 100.3FM The Sounds of Macarthur, Australia

Hailing from the gulf coast of Northwest Florida’s Redneck Riviera, WB and The Geezers, is a well-established band with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable lyric’s. Made up of Will and Bill, they are always looking to break the boundaries of possibilities within music. They have continuously put out world class material gaining them many life-long fans along the way. Many of the popular tunes created by W.B and The Geezers were perfected during the band’s performances and stints at countless songwriter festivals, open mics and bar rooms.
Both individuals in the band started their journey in music separately, but came together to form a strong bond in WB and The Geezers due to their undying passion for country music. William’s words and music combined with Bill’s attention grabbing arrangement’s, present a fresh new  perspective with their unique brand of music.  They consistently blend the foundations of Country, Gospel, Folk and Blue Grass music into a style that reaches out to a abundance of listener’s hungry for red dirt plain spoken music with a twang. This resourceful duo has a unique ability to ingeniously put together words and sound that are transmitted by Will’s strong voice and Bill’s guitar to create engaging word play and breath taking music, all while maintaining a consistent brand.

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