From the recording YOU SEE OLD! I SEE HISTORY!!

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My Favorite song to play on my acoustic guitar. You can't really hear the acoustic because the mix is so good. Anyway this song about whatever happens life goes on.


The Earth Still Spins Lyrics by William Lake and music by Capt Bill Crouch
Have you held the hand of a child - On their first day of school
Or sat with a dying friend - as they pass on through this world
Can you gaze upon your treasures - and give a few away
Do u wait on the corner of life - for a dream that never came

G Am
The Sun will rise and The Earth still spins
And life begins and Ends
G Am
Will you build yourself a Taj Mahal
Or be scattered to the wind

Verse 2
Have you ever watched a sunrise - from a snow white sandy beach
Did you ever hold the world in your hands - Just to let it slip away ?
Just raise your glass, make a toast - And take a drink of life
It’s your life, It’s yours to hold - don’t let it get away

On the day you meet your maker
Can you smile and accept your fate
The Sun will rise and The Earth still spins
And life begins and Ends

BRIDGE – SOLO - over verse

Verse 3
Have you ever watched the sunset - from an ancient desert place
Have you ever had one you loved - just walk out without a trace
Do you waste your time with might of been's – instead of what’s to come
Does the world still hold its wonder - Or are you ready (…. Pause) for your last breath

CHORUS1 and CHORUS 2 – Pause after first line of chorus then rhythm throughout

And life begins and Ends x 3 - End