From the recording YOU SEE OLD! I SEE HISTORY!!

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This one will break your heart. Really a tough subject about how some of our children just do not get a fair chance


Children of The Streets Lyrics by William Lake, Music By Bill Crouch Verse 1

She was a Daddies girl in all the wrong ways, She dreaded when he drank
She prayed for nights away from home, To have a night of peace
No one ever came around, He chased them all away
She was trapped inside the families lies, As her momma looked away

She was half of a whole, A tattered soul A shattered Heart, Begging to be healed
Em C G Bm
Standing there in plain site, Never to be seen
As we close our eyes to children, children, Children of The Streets
Verse 2
He had a daddy that he never knew, And a Mama filled with hate
She made his life one of pain, For her sins and life of shame
He learned to play a six string some “Uncle” left behind
He turned 13 to her drunken rage, to celebrate his life

So he grabbed his rags and 6 String, And headed for the Streets
He was half of a whole – continue on with CHORUS
Verse 3
She ran away to Memphis to walk among the dead
She sold herself for mindless Sex, To pay the flop house rent
The pipe and needle ruled her life and fed upon her shame
So She walked down to the river to drown her Sin’s away
And as she put her hands together and sang a childhood hymn
She heard his angel voice and She joined her voice to his
Two shattered hearts were joined that night by a simple childhood hymn
Two halfs of a whole
Verse 4
She threw away her needle and he helped her live again
They start each day with hope, and pray that’s how it ends
Each night they put their hands together to sing her childhood hymn
Two voices share a song of hope, As their lives begins again
Two healing hearts, Two mending souls, Two halves becoming one.
They were half of a whole
½ Intro and end