From the recording YOU SEE OLD! I SEE HISTORY!!

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Political Song. Just makes statement about how dysfunctional our Congress and President is. Everybody is in the act on this soing


Delta Gamma Sigma Lyrics by William Lake Music by Bill Crouch and Will Lake -
INTRO – Glory, Glory EAB
The IRS Audits Me, The TSA is feeling me, The EPA is fining Me, For peeing on MY Tree
The NSA spy’s on me, Their Satellite’s watching Me, They follow Me and listen to everything I say

They talk about our Freedom’s, They talk about my Rights

If you try and take my gun’s, Your gonna have a fight

Nanny State, Nanny State, We’re Sick and tired of You

What’s the poor people of Main street gonna do (Banging drums)
Well Join Delta Gamma Sigma, DGS - These proud letters are on my chest

No more excuses , We’re sick of your mess
Come on Mister Congressman, Come on Mr. Senator, Come on Mr. President

Fix This Mess X 2
The Federal Courts Legislate , While Washington Contemplates
There holding lots of hearings, just to hear themselves speak
The DNC is calling Me, Their emails just keep spamming me
The RNC just labels me , And Calls me stupid names
The Right wing is screaming, The Left wing is dreaming
The Koch Brothers and Soros’ are just plain scheming

Cell phone giveaways, Foreign Aid thrown away, The CDC is scaring me, While Vets Die everyday
Illegals here to stay, The Constitution thrown away, While Politician’s CRY, An Party on the side
Wall Street and K street and Consulate Row, All have the politicians Firmly in Tow
Golf Trips, Ski trips and Scuba diving too, What's the poor people of main street ever gonna do.
Repeat last line of Chorus and end