From the recording YOU SEE OLD! I SEE HISTORY!!

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This song started out as contemporary gospel. By the time the studio guys got done with it lost a little of the choir. But it is a religious song


Shout To The World - Lyric’s by William Lake – Music by Bill Crouch -
Traditional Gospel

I’m gonna stand on the corner and tell it to the world
I’m a Simple piece of mortal clay - Dug out of this world
I’ve been made by the Creator - To Fail or Succeed And some choices I have made - Still haunt me to this day

I’m gonna stand in the valley and yell out to this land
I have loved to many woman - And caused to many tears
Yet the one I gave my heart too -Just laughed and disappeared
Leaving me alone - To wander through the years

I’m gonna stand by the Ocean and throw myself in
I’m gonna shout to the depths - An tell it where I’ve been
I have sailed on its waters - And seen its many wonders
I have trembled in fear - As it towered over me

I gonna stand on the mountain - And tell it to the world
I am a simple man that wanders - And travels It’s far corners
I have seen to much sadness - And human misery
How can we live our lives with so much Hate pretend we cannot see

I’m gonna stand on the Moon - And Yell out to the Stars
Let the universe know - I’m a simple clay jar
On the day that I die -A new Journey starts for me
I will spread out through the heavens - and see what waits for me.
I will spread out through the heavens - and see what waits for me