From the recording YOU SEE OLD! I SEE HISTORY!!

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Just a fun song and we like girls with some love handles to hang on to.


Round Bottom girls Lyrics by William Lake, Music by Bill Crouch

Don’t want no super model - 2cnt - To skinny for me
Want a woman with a six pack - 3cnt - That I can drink
I only got one mirror – 2ct - And models don’t share

I want a woman that can Laugh out loud, Roll Around , Scream and Shout, Hold me tight and melt my Walmart sheets

Let’s hear it for the round bottom girl’s
With some jiggle in their wiggle
A come on smile that’ll last all night
You got Short ones, Tall ones and plenty in the middle
With lovin arms to hold you tight

Verse 2
Don’t want no supper model - Too made up for me
I want a woman with a muffin - That I can squeeze
Don’t like no skinny jeans - On a women with no meat
Wanna women that can laugh Out loud, Roll Around, Scream and Shout, Hold me tight
and melt my Wal Mart Sheets
BRIDGE over full verse

Verse 3
Don’t want no Super Model - To famous for me
Only got one pickup - No Limo for Me
Want an armful of women – That makes life sweet
I want a woman that’ll hunt and fish, skinny dip, Watch the moon, Hug and kiss,
and make love all night