From the recording YOU SEE OLD! I SEE HISTORY!!

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Title Track for our CD. This about how you perceived by others - especially the younger ones


You See Old I See History - Lyric’s by William Lake Music by Bill Crouch and William Lake

INTRO – D-C-G-D finger picking
Verse 1
See that white haired lady sitting with the babies teaching them ABC’S
She’s got a crooked smile an a set of False teeth She earned on Selma’s streets
She’s defied the Klan as they marched by, yelling their mindless hate

CHORUS – More rhythm in Chorus
You won’t see her name in the history books Just one of many doing what it took
Cogs in the wheel of Your American Dream - Living day by day…
You See Old ….You See Old You See Old An I See His-to-ry

Verse 2 4 lines
You see a silly old man sittin by himself He talks to loud or he talks to himself
He was a killing machine At 17… fighting the Japanese
He lost his son in Vietnam so he marched against the Pentagon
Chained himself to the White House gates…All in the Name of Peace

CHORUS No Intro - 2 cnt into to BRIDGE
Bm C
You stand on their shoulders, An you don’t look down
Bm C
You can’t hear their stories, Cause your heads in the cloud
Bm C
It won’t be long till your one of them, So look at what’s to come
D C Bbass D
You See Old .. An I See His-to -ry

SOLO over 4 line VERSE
Verse 3 5 lines
You got a crazy old aunt with frizzy hair
who burned her bra in the middle of Times Square
She bared her Breasts on the Capitol steps In the name of Equality
An the long haul driver who shifted gears across this country for 50 years
Put food on your table and shoes on your feet he helped this country grow

CHORUS then repeat last line X 3
An I See His-to-ry
An I See His-to-ry
An I See His-to-ry